God Bless You (2023)

God Bless You is a 3D animated film which acts as an embracement to my younger self, and serves to acknowledge how childhood experiences influence and challenge our future selves. The project focuses on depicting the commonly experienced issue of alcoholism and its impact on interfamily relationships.

The digital sets then inspired an installation at Truman Brewery (London)

The installation lived and reacted to peoples enganging with it.

Digitally rendered images in the style of disposable camera pics.

Some little thoughts and messages written on the underside of the shelf.

On the last day, a Sunday, The Ten Commandments of Snooker fell to the ground and smashed overnight.

Tales_From (2022)

'Tales_From' is a silent film about a digitally created marionette puppet and its journey to self-awareness. Inspired by the Pygmalion myth, 'Tales_From' explores themes of control and love and their link to the hidden mechanisms that guide human behaviour.

‘Tales_From’ has been written in collaboration GPT-3. GPT-3 is an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text. Using the 'playground', the text is entered into the terminal and a response is outputted by GPT-3 based on what is inputted. It can answer questions, provide text analysis, converse, and style transfer

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